Dog net 900, 9-3


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2. 2 86 90 877 6DDE06DDE 1 Dog net 2 Top retaining bracket, left 3 Top retaining bracket, right 4 Bottom bracket, left 5 Bottom bracket, right 6 Torx screw (4) 7 Bolt and washer (6) 8 Cage nut (6) D980A156 6 4 8 7 5 2 1 3

3. 86 90 877 3 6DDE06DDE 1 Fold forward the rear seat cushions and backrest. 2 Lift away the parcel shelf. 3 Undo the left-hand speaker grille (4 screws) and the parcel shelf guide pin. 4 Pull down the luggage compartment trim below the speaker bracket. 5 Fit 3x cage nuts in the existing holes. 6 Fit the bottom bracket loosely in its lowest position. 7 Cut away the trim for the bracket. 8 Replace the trim and fit the speaker grille. 9 Repeat steps 3-8 for the right-hand side. D980A157 7 5 6 3 3 3

4. 4 86 90 877 6DDE06DDE 10 Remove the centre window cover plate on the inside of the tailgate. 11 Put the dog net in place in the bottom brackets and tighten the bolts slightly. 12 Place the top retaining brackets onto the retain- ing hooks on the dog net and raise them to the top of the rear window. Make sure the retaining brackets are flush against the metal panel and are pressed up as high as possible. Also, make sure there is clearance between the top retain- ing bracket sleeve and the vertical part of the dog net retaining hook. 13 Mark the position of the holes with a pen. 14 Drill a 3.5 mm hole for each retaining bracket. 15 Fit the retaining brackets and make sure the marks for the other holes are visible. 12 13 11 D980A158

1. 86 90 877 1 6DDE06DDE 900 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault 0217(5,1*6$19,61,1* ¬ ,167$//$7,21,16758&7,216 0217$*($1/(,781* ¬ ,167$//$7,216'(0217$*( SITdefault 6DDE06DDE 'RJQHW Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces   'HF  0D\ D980A160

5. 86 90 877 5 6DDE06DDE 16 Close and open the tailgate a few times while checking from inside that the top retaining brackets go clear of the dog net. Open the tail- gate, undo the top retaining brackets and drill the remaining holes. 17 Deburr the holes and remove any loose cuttings and paint. Clean with Terosons Cleaner FL. Apply Standox 1K Füllprimer. Apply finishing paint. Apply Terotex HV 400 inside the tailgate frame. Vacuum away any loose drill cuttings in the luggage compartment. 18 Tighten the top retaining brackets and check again that the brackets go clear of the dog net. 19 Close the tailgate and press up the bottom brackets so that the dog net is tight against the tailgate. Tighten the bottom brackets. 20 Open the tailgate and hold up the loose section of the rear window cover plate with the guide pin in the hole. Mark the position of the dog net top retaining brackets and cut holes in the cover plate to suit the brackets. 21 Fit the parcel shelf and fold back the rear seat backrest. 22 Hand over the installation instructions to the customer and show the user instructions. 8VHULQVWUXFWLRQV 5HPRYLQJ 1 Open the tailgate and lift away the parcel shelf. 2 Take hold of the dog net and lift it straight up. 3 Pull back the bottom of the dog net while sliding it to the right. The retaining hooks will then come loose from the top retaining brackets. )LWWLQJ 1 Position the retaining hooks in the top retaining brackets. Push forward the bottom of the dog net while sliding it to the left. 2 Position the pins at the bottom of the dog net into their fastenings. 3 Lift the parcel shelf in place and close the tailgate. ,PSRUWDQW There may be marks pressed into the rear of the cover plate. These must not be used to determine the horizontal position of the cutouts, they are only used to indicate the depth of the cutout. D980A159 20 :$51,1* The rear head restraints must be used when the dog net is fitted in order to comply with safety regulations stipulated in FMVSS 201 concerning interior equipment.


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